Communication communication Is the creation of a forum, environment or event in which to gather information or disseminate a message.


The London summit: EXCEL CENTRE 2009

The London Summit was the second gathering of the G20 forum to discuss financial markets and the world economy. Representatives from outside the G20 also attended hence it being referred to as The London Summit. It required the construction of a complex temporary environment within half of London’s Excel centre as a stage for world leaders, press and delegates to conduct their affairs. I was one of three lighting designers responsible for this exceptional project, delivered with only five weeks of notice.

Working for Essential Lighting Group, on behalf of WRG Creative Communication, I developed the lighting design for all areas of the Red Zone (leader’s area) excluding the main plenary and leader’s lounge. This included the visually striking 600m corridor which acted as the main circulation for the event between the plenary, the press areas and the delegation zone. I was also responsible for the Blue Zone lighting (delegate’s area), site-wide trussing layouts and all practical lighting including a bespoke 'clean ceiling' emergency light system.

Paddington bear: world premiere

It was a delight to be able to welcome our favourite bear onto Leicester Square with friends, including Michael Bond and Nicole Kidman, on a rainy Sunday afternoon for the World Premiere of Paddington Bear in 2014.

Working as the technical director of HEART Productions, on behalf of STUDIOCANAL, I managed the design development, production and installation of the red carpet event, which flanked the East and North terraces of Leicester Square for a premiere at the Odeon Cinema.

Forming an iconic press shot was oversized marmalade jars and jam, which was well received by picture desks and even included temporary adoption into the BBC News homepage.

A detailed mock up of Paddington Station's Lost and Found formed the backdrop of the CCTV presentation, hosted by Jenni Falconer.



twilight breaking dawn Part 2: UK Premiere

A unique film franchise with a ‘Twi-hard’ cult following, the final red carpet event of the Twilight Saga was an enormous technical production to execute in just three weeks of planning, encompassing the three major cinemas of Leicester Square.

Working as the technical director of HEART Productions, on behalf of Entertainment One, I conceived, produced and executed the technical production which included a ground support structure running along the side of the red carpet, wrapping the north and east terraces of Leicester Square Gardens.

The scheme involved an array of LED screen and performance lighting, creating an immersive scenic environment for the crowd and a vivid stage backdrop for the talent entrance and CCTV presentation, hosted by Alex Zane. I appointed and managed live visual artists, The Light Surgeons, to deliver the screen content for the event.